Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know the kids are going to get tougher and the games tougher as Britt gets older. But wow some of those parents are awful. The main director of the club had to threaten to throw out a parent for the season if he didn't calm down. The coach got warned as well. Luckily it was the game before us and not our game but parents were screaming across the court, coach was screaming at the players and other coach...this is 5th & 6th graders.

Tonight was a good game. Britt's team lost but she played well and really rebounded and hustled good. Just have to get her more aggressive. I always liked playing for the less competitive leagues that she did when she was younger but I can tell now that it has hurt her game somewhat. I can tell the kids that have been at this club since 1st grade versus the ones coming from less competitive leagues. But oh well she loves it and is doing great.

A few pics..


Another Suburban Mom said...

I hate when the parents get all crazy. Give me a stage mom any day over some of these sports parents.

At least no one can shout "you suck" during a performance of Our Town.

Stephanie said...

I guess no matter what sport it is parents are terrible! I see it too in gymnastics! Competitiveness is not always good, but what do you do??? I agree with the comment ahead, I think I would take a stage mom. My girls are so different that Sophie could handle the stage mom parents but not the yelling at you on the court/gym type parent! LOL

The Woman said...

see that's not right, the kids are there to have fun and the parents thinks its so important

Kim said...

I'm afraid I will turn into one of those parents. For some reason I lose it too easily. Maybe it is because I am so reserved all the rest of the time. I finally let it fly when watching my daughter play ball :o
I know what you mean about the aggressive thing. Rachel is really struggling to get going in that department. I now wish we had skipped Upward. It is a great program, just not aggressive at all. She played her best yet yesterday. Just hope she keeps it up!

kel said...

Kim Matt loses it to at the games. I get mad at him..LOL. He could easily turn into one of those too. But I have never seen it so bad as that 5th 6th game the other night. wow.