Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

We had so much fun doing our "Random Acts of Kindness" we will definitely do it every Christmas but also planning a Summer version...maybe even a Christmas in July kind of thing. We picked up our partners in kindness and headed off. We had made notes before hand saying: IT’S FOR YOU!
This is not a joke we placed this here for you!
We believe in giving not just receiving!
We just want to spread joy and kindness this holiday season!
Hope you enjoy this small random act of love and kindness!

My friend and I sat in the car and the kids did everything they went in and talked to who they needed to presented the items. The only time I even got out during the day was to snap a pic with the fire truck.

The kids took some pics but of course didn't get a pic of all. This is what we did:
Candy Canes on ATM's
Randomly passed out candy canes to patients at the Cancer Center
Randomly passed out candy canes in town
Paid for order behind us at McDonalds and Starbucks
Chew Toys to Humane Society
Wreaths to Nursing Home
Quarters on vending machines all over town
wreath to an elderly lady
Laundry soap and quarters at laundrymat
donuts to fire station and police station
general stuff like kids held doors open at the mall for a long time just wishing people a Merry Christmas

Dropping off dog chew toys at humane society

We bought some laundry detergent and attached a bag of quarters, note and bow and dropped off at laundrymat

The kids putting coins on vending machines. They hit the entire mall putting on soda machines and kids toy machines

Posing with fire fighters after dropping off donuts

Taking wreaths into nursing home

We placed these on several ATM's thru town

Brittney taping a candy cane onto an ATM