Monday, September 19, 2011

Braden's first concert!

Well I give up trying to load pics so I will just dump them all in flickr in a minute!

Over the years Brittney has been to several concerts. I never thought much about it Braden never asked and never got that into bands. That changed when Big Time Rush (a band/TV Show) he loves the show and started asking about concerts. Brittney has been to several so I really wanted to do this for him. I found the closest they would be to us would be Kansas State Fair (about 6 hours away) we decided to go for it.

I am so glad we did. He had the opportunity to bring a friend but he just wanted him and I. Which made me happy. We headed down Sunday morning early stopping for breakfast with my brother. After checking into our hotel we headed to the fair. We didn't know who was opening for them and even after hearing Hot Chelle Rae's name we still didn't know. Until they started performing Braden was thrilled we knew 3 of their songs and had listed to them on radio disney on the way.

Then it was time for Big Time Rush! I had more fun watching Braden who is not usually that into things. He clapped, waved his hands, jumped and yelled. It was great. We crashed at a hotel for the night before driving back early Monday morning.

On the way home radio disney was having a contest he asked if he could call in. I said sure but I have seen Britt call for hours at a time and never win so I wasn't expecting much. All of a sudden he was the 23rd caller winning a halloween pack with a new dvd movie and a chance at a grand prize. He was so excited. One call and he won! I used memo on my phone and recorded the radio when he was on it. He said it topped off his already perfect trip!


Rogers Family said...

Sounds like a really fun & memorable trip!