Friday, February 04, 2011


Big changes at our house.

The word of the year is Simplify! I chose to try to add this word to our life instead of new years resolution.

One of the largest changes is I am no longer doing freelance paralegal work. I have been working for a very demanding lawyer for about 7 years it got to the point that the stress and pressure was no longer worth the financial rewards. So after an extremely stressful event and talking to hubby I quit. The relief is beyond imagination so great not to be dreading the phone ringing all weekend, etc.
One of the other attorneys I do work for is retiring in April so I will then officially be homeschool mom and homemaker!

Hubbys job pays our bills but my work brought in the vacations and extra so may be finding ways to supplment and definetly going to be watching the budget.

I think it will all be worth it. Already I feel better. I know home schooling will be easier without the stress and workload.

Currently working on simplifying the house. We even rented a storage building for a few months so we could take boxes and boxes of stuff for yard sales to it and keep cleaning without me looking at the pile of boxes in the garage and freaking out over it and deciding to have a yard sale before I am ready. So as of now yard sale date is Apr 1st lots of SIMPLIFYING to do before then!

Looking forward to being home more being able to give the kids my full attention! Changes...I think this one will be beneficial for us all.


stacey said...

good for you!!