Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Britt!

She has went from my princess to a diva! She is 13!
13 Things about Brittney:
1. She would do anything to help out anyone.
2. She is very good with those younger than her.
3. She is smart!
4. She is pretty!
5. She loves animals.
6. She is protective of her brother.
7. She has a sweet spirit.
8. She can talk your ears off:)
9. She loves to read.
10. She is soft hearted.
11. She loves spending time with her family and we love that!
12. She never wants to hurt anyones feelings.
13. She is the only one who will talk politics with her dad!



Melissa said...

Oh wow, Kelli! Unreal, isn't it?!?!? Happy Birthday Britt!