Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brae Funny

I have been really working with Braden on getting a good attitude about school and how important it is. We have a tax place locally where there is always someone dressed like Uncle Sam or Statue of Liberty out dancing in the front. The other day we passed it I told Braden see that is why it is important to stay in school and take school serious because look how hot and miserable he is out there. Now I wasn't meaning anything personal about the person working I was just making a generalization to put into place the importance of higher education anyway that evening we come home.

I hear mom mom come here. I go into the living room and Brae is standing there with 1 arm in the air. I am like what are you doing...his response....practicing...yep he was practicing his statue of liberty much for that making him want to take school more serious.