Sunday, November 09, 2014

Some favorite crock pot recipe sites

Cold weather is upon us. YEAH! While I do use my crockpot year around I love love it when it gets colder. I am having so much fun planning the next few weeks of menus.
My all time favorite crockpot site
more Crockpot Recipes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christmas Food Fun

Frosty is not just for Christmas he can add fun to any winter time breakfast. Two pancakes one slightly larger than the other, let cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar, mini choc chip eyes and mouth, and mini m&m buttons and nose. And of course a bacon scarf!
Simple and fun powdered sugar donuts, I used my black icing tube and made the mouth and eyes and orange candy for the nose. 
A individual cheese pizza and a small cheese pizza, carrot nose black olive eyes, mouth and buttons, any kind of herb or spinach scarf.
This wreath is a little hard to get shaped but yummy and pretty on a table. I used crescent rolls and made my wreath shape while it was just out of the oven hot I manipulated it into a more round wreath shape. I then let it cool topped with veggie cream cheese, chopped broccoli, grape tomatoes and a bell pepper wreath bow. 

Thanksgiving Food Fun

Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys...gotta have more than just the main one with stuffing. Here I did a cheese ball you can but a cheese ball already made or use your favorite recipe. I added sliced almonds for feathers, pretzel sticks for feet and for feathers I cut shiska bob sticks in half and used cheese cubes, tomatoes and green olives. A ritz cracker head and red bell pepper round out the head. The cookie recipe is one of many that I found online. I used a stiped cookie, an almond candy and candy corn stuck together with choc frosting. 
The bread bowl turkey. I hollowed out the bread bowl to fit my bowl down inside, the side wings are the top I cut out of the the bowl, the head a roll, raisin eyes, bell pepper waddle. The back feathers are carrots, zuchinni squash and yellow squash. 
The cornicopia is one one of my very favorite things to make. Make a cornicopia shape with aluminum foil, spray it down with cooking spray wrap with yummy breadsticks and bake in the oven, when cool remove the foil and add veggies of your choice.
Dip oreos in orange melting choc green icing and pretzels for the top
A upside down striped cookie, reese peanut butter cups and yellow icing and pilgrim hats are gobbled down.

Halloween Food Part 2

I think a brain is required for spooky Halloween food! This does take a little time and patience but it is easier than you think! I bought the small watermelons they come two in a pack this time of year at sams. I lightly peeled just taking the dark green off. Once I had it peeled I stared making deeper incisions I did the line down the middle first and then just creatively added maze like shapes on each side. 
Tombstone graveyard. Use your favorite dip recipe. For trees, tombstones, cats simply cut the shapes out of different tortillas and bake in the oven. Do not insert into your dip until right before serving otherwise they get soggy and you get a droopy halloween graveyard.
Mummy pizzas just great for a quick lunch or snack for the kids. I used the bagel bites and added a little more mozerella cheese with black olive eyes.
I think of these as an oldie but goodie. They have been around for ever but I still love them, pudding, oeros, milano cookies and pumpkin candies...easy breezy creepy dessert.
I found printable labels here to dress up soda or juice a fun eye catching addition.

Adding fun to your Halloween with food! PART 1

I adore these deviled eggs. Super creepy looking and so easy! Make your deviled eggs as you normally wood. Then take a can of black olive rinse your olives cut in half, place the half in the middle of your egg. Then cut the remaining half black olives into spider legs.
 Healthy Halloween Snack cut your bananas in half (do the bananas right before serving so they dont turn brown) mini choc chip eyes and reg choc chip inserted pointy side in and walla ghosts! My kids love those little cutie oranges. To make them more festive simply peel them and place them on a tray using a small celery stalk or green candy for the stem.
This cake looks impressive but it is really easy! Simply bake your rectangle cake and icing green. You are going to use rolos for Franks neck, half oreos topped with a hershey kiss for eyes and then just add details with your black icing.

Hot dog mummies! Wrap your hot dog with some yummy breadsticks from a can, bake in the oven till golden, let cool before adding mustard eyes. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Day of School

My babies from first day of school. 2 highscchoolers...eeek

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 days in a row....woohoo

Updated Family pic this was taken at my 40th birthday party last month.

I got Matt the shirt for Christmas...he needed it lol.

Can't tell the full degree of it in this pic but Braden is towering over us now. Last measurement was 6 foot and growing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update...I know shocker

I got on my blog to look back because I was trying to figure out how old Braden's dog is (11 by the way). I spent hours and hours going from preschool on and on. I am so glad I kept this blog. I don't update it often (or at all) but after going back for hours and seeing it all I want to do more. I will have to uploads some pics soon.

Brittney is having a fun summer, she has become very good friends with Quinn Loftis she is a author of YA paranormal romance books, Brittney has been her assistant  as well as babysitter for her son. Lots of fun for my reading crazy girl. She will be attending some YA book cons this year with Quinn to work as her assistant. She has been sponsoring a little girl from Indonesia and she is enjoying that. She attended world changers in June putting siding and replacing windows on houses. She also got to attend church camp at the beach in Alabama. So fun full summer and it isn't over August will be taking us to Disney!

Braden will be going to his first ever Church camp next week it is in Lousiana I will be going with him as a counselor for the girls so I will be close if he needs me. He is doing well.

Lots and lots to catch up on but for tonight this will be it.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Knocking the dust off

Dusting off the blog to start documenting our new food journey. We are going towards a more plant based nutrition. Britt is having the hardest time with it so far. Lots more work lots of chopping. We watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and then Engine 2 Diet. We are going to get to meet the guy that started the Engine 2 Diet on Tuesday while we are in Austin for Braden's doctors appointments. I hope to be able to ask him lots of questions. I will be trying to blog more I miss it and I like being able to look back. The other day I had to look back because we couldnt remember how old one of our dogs was. So yes I want to keep it up. I will be sharing my tips and recipes that I like and my recipe flops as well. Hoping this makes a big difference with my arthritis and health as well as Braden's health. Matt is making a good go of it too proud of him!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for Learning!

All who know me know that I love homeschooling the kids.
I love the days when we get around have a full day at home all attention
is on the schoolwork. However those days don't always happen.
There are doctors appointments, errands things that have to be done
and sometimes that means I can't sit right there and I can't
be as involved as I want to be.

THANKFULLY I have found a website to help me feel a little more accomplished and
best love it. I was hesitant at first it is a monthly payment but
once I saw how in depth the site was and how much the kids were getting involved in it I gladly pay the payment! The website is

A great thing about this site is it isn't just for little kids. Brittney practices and enhances her Algebra on the site! Help for Algebra yeah life is good!!! :)