Friday, January 12, 2007

Crazy strikes again

Those who have been reading awhile or who know me personally know my Sister in law is nuts! I used to feel sorry for my Brother in law but those days are long since gone. Now they are both beyond nuts.

Tuesday, knock on the door. Both BIL and SIL are there. Middle of the day. No kids with them.


Well it seems that they have decided they can't handle the kids, they aren't listening, destorying the house, etc. So they sent them for 2 weeks to her mother's house.

The kids are 3 and 4!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to be reasonable and explain that they HAD to get them under control. I was met with "But we can't", "They don't listen", "nothing works"....well BULL. Something will work it will just take consistency and a little work on their part. I tried to throw my two cents or twenty cents in but it went in one ear and out the other, basically they were tired of their kids and sent them off. They don't want to take the time and selfdiscipline that it would take to teach their children, to make them mind.

It might be okay if her mother would discipline or show the boys some attention, but sadly she wont at all. So the bottom line is the boys are going to run the show, not do naps, not listen, destory what they want.

How sad that our nephews are going to grow up to be totally out of control brats, because you know that is where this is headed. There is still time to stop it unfortunately SIL is to crazy and BIL just wont be a man and take control of his family.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe they could go hang out with my nephew Spawn for a few weeks. Then we could call the networks and have SUPERNANNY show up and set them all straight.
At the very least we should exchange info so that they can pen pal each other later in prison.

dakotablueeyes said...

OMG she converted him. lol I'm almost afraid to ask about her parents considering the way she is lol. Have you met them, do you think the kids are better off there? Sad that they won't even try but as you know kids can be stubborn and you have to try a number of things to get the kids to listen.

kel said...

Brighton - Sadly not even Supernanny will work for this one because it still requires you to do something which is way too much work for these two.

Anne - Oh her parenting is beyond messed up, her mom is awful it is so sad, the younger sister of SIL is totally out of control at 15 and has been for quite awhile. They will have no discipline there either. They decided not to let them stay the whole two weeks but it wont make any difference they still wont discipline, wont put control, wont teach them colors, no name writing. Just now starting to potty train that is how lazy these two are.

Anonymous said...

How sad! They are doing the children such an injustice. Lazy and undisciplined people just shouldn't have kids...and that's that.