Monday, July 25, 2005

Flip a coin

Yesterday Braden woke up tired and running a low grade fever. I didnt think much of it because he had a big day Saturday. We went to the circus (I was going to blog on the high prices of snowcones but alas that will have to wait till next time). Anyway, sometimes he gets a lowgrade fever if he has been overexcited or too tired. I didnt think much about it.

By 7pm we had a 103 fever and were starting to have fibromal seizures (associated with fever he has them in the past but it has been 9 months since he has had them). Along with this he starts complaining of his right side hurting so I immediately go to ER with him.

Reached ER with seizing and right at 105 fever. He was given Motrin IV, they did ultrasound to rule out appendix (clear), Urine test (clear), blood work (clear), chest xray (clear), and strep (clear). So the doctor is proplexed why the high fever by now the Motrin has worked and Braden is ready to go.

Actually his words were "Mom grab the medicine we need and lets sneak out of here".

So the doctor says I am going to give you a prescrip for antibiotic just for precaution. So basically we dont know why he spiked the fever but now it is gone and the seizure aspect is undercontrol. He does mention that his sugar level was high and that we need to get in for a glucose test.

He wakes up fine, by 10 we again have a fever. To shorten this story basically fever comes and goes, doctors have no clue but have prescribed two different antibiotics just in case. I think they left the room to flip a coin to come up with a treatment.


Jody said...

Ugh. I hate it when doc's do that. I used to have epilipsy (sorry sp) when I was younger so I do know a little about seizures (well more so my mom then me) but before they could get mine under control it seemed like I was on all sorts of drugs till they found the right combo. Why can't they just come out and say sorry we don't know what's going on instead of feeding our kids more pills that if they keep taking will either become allergic to or immune to!! I hope your son is feeling better soon!!(oh and I grew out the epilipsy by the time I was 15 )

kel said...

We are hoping Braden continues to outgrow this as well. We have chosen alternative meds to treat his and back in February removed him from his prescription medicine and have been fine until this fever. He is up and fine this morning so who knows the cause, but at least it seems to have passed.

dakotablueeyes said...

I hope it doesn't come back, maybe it was a weird bug or something. Or maybe the heat, bruce reacts that way to the heat sometimes.

Jody said...

Glad he is doing better now. That's cool you are using alternative meds. I hope he grows out of it too!!