Saturday, June 11, 2005

Home Again...Sort Of

What a trip what a trip.

We ended up leaving Arizona about noon on Thursday. Thinking we will be home Friday evening instead of Saturday and could rest.

Well this plan didn't last...

First off...van trouble...going to have to do a fuel injection thing this week with it. Up hills, down
hills, hitting gas it was cutting out. So Arrggghhhh on that.

Second we make it home finally about 4pm Friday...Our neighbors that were so great with watching our house and all had told us that our cats had gotten fleas. Well when we are home we vacumn every day and bath t dogs and cats often and so on and so forth well 5 weeks away we came home to an infestation it was AWFUL we had to take the kids immediately back outside call my parents. My mom who grew up in the country said no way will just bombs and stuff get rid of them (our neighbors had already tried this too for us). So we left the van packed, got it to mom and dads and stayed the night there and met the exterminator at 10 we had to mow and all of that so he could treat inside the house and out. Now we are back in the house. Kids are still at mom and dads. Braden cant come into this until it is all settled vacumed cleaned and so on.

So hopefully by tommorow we will all be settled at home.

I had to get a computer break in though, I was having I will get back to my brushing of cats, washing of all linens and all that fun stuff.

Still with all above still good to get back home....even if it wasnt quit what we wanted to come home to.